About Pune User Group

Pune User Group (a.k.a PUG, pronounced as pag) is a not-for-profit organization. We, as an User Group, are supported by Microsoft Corporation. Here, at PUG, we provide a platform for people like you, to share their knowledge and valuable experience with rest of the world.


Pune User Group was founded in early 2003 on occasion of first anniversary of “.NET” as an online forum. In late 2003 PUG started conducting physical meetings and training sessions for PUG members. PUG also organizes activities for student at college level. We also have a gang of Microsoft Student Partners who are highly passionate about technology and willing to share their knowledge with others. We also have separate chapters like PUGStudent – Pune User Group for students, where we organize events for students across the city, PUGITPro – Pune User Group for IT Pro, where we generally talk about IT related topics like servers, clients, networking, etc… and PUG-MED i.e. Pune User Group for Mobile and Embedded Devices.